Located in a lush and isolated valley, Naughty Boy Vineyards is a 6 acre vineyard where the entire world supply of Naughty Boy wines originates.

Naughty Boy Pinot Noir spends 18 months in French oak casks prior to bottling. Warm summer days and cold nights along the foggy banks of the Russian River work together to create an intriguing earthy wine. We invite you to enjoy both Naughty Boy Pinot and Naughty Boy Chardonnay!

Jim and Emjay Scott




2013 Pinot Noir
2012 Naughty Boy Pinot
2016 Naughty Boy

Naughty Boy Chardonnay
2015 Floyd & Eddie

Floyd & Eddie Chardonnay
2015 and 2016
Dry Rosé
of Pinot Noir

Floyd & Eddie Dry Rose of Pinot
2013 Floyd & Eddie Pinot Noir
2012 Floyd & Eddie Pinot Noir